MEXT Scholarship 2025


MEXT Scholarship 2025 for Libyan Students (Graduate/Research)

MEXT Scholarship 2025 for Libyan Students (Graduate/Research)
The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) of Japan offers scholarships to Libyan students who wish to study in graduate courses at Japanese universities as Research Students (either regular students or non-regular students) under the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program for 2025.
The non-exhaustive list about required qualifications for application is as follows:
1. Those who were born after April 2nd, 1990.
2. Those who obtained at least a bachelor's degree. *Current undergraduate students who is expected to obtain their bachelor's degrees prior to their studies in Japan are also eligible.
3. Those who have a sufficient English ability for academic studies in Japan.
4. Those who have a clear and detailed research project.
5. Those who hold Libyan nationality. *Other foreign nationality students must apply to the Japanese Embassy in their home countries.
For detailed information about required qualifications and necessary documents for application, please go to the links of Application Guidelines for Research Students and read it carefully.

【Selection Schedule 2024-2025】 
1. April 21th (Sunday) 2024: Call for application opens  (only by Email)
2. May 30th (Thursday) 2024: Application deadline *Emails of application should be received by the Embassy no later than 23:59 in Libyan time.
3. By June 10th (Sunday) 2024: Announcement of the result of the  screening of application documents *Embassy will send emails only to the applicants who passed the screening of application documents.
4. End of June (to be confirmed) 2024: Written exam (English and Japanese) and interview in English in Tripoli for applicants who passed the first screening.
5 End of June (to be confirmed) 2024: Announcement of result of written exam and interview
6. From July to August 9 2024: Request of a provisional acceptance to Japanese universities by applicant(s) who pass the exams and interview
7. By mid September 2024: Submission of a Placement Preference Application Form
8. From October 2024:   Screening by MEXT
9. January - February 2025: Notification of results of selection and university placement
*The schedule is subject to be changed without notice.

【Points to note】
· Applicants must send all the required documents by email to the Embassy of Japan in Libya ( by 30 May (Thursday). * Application documents which are sent to other embassy email addresses will NOT be reviewed.
· All Application documents must be sent in one email and the total file size should not exceed 10 MB.  * If total file size exceeds 10 MB, the Embassy may not be able to receive email due to its server’s capacity.
· Incomplete applications will NOT be reviewed or considered.
· Applications after 23:59 May 30th will NOT be reviewed or considered without exception.
1. Can I apply for the scholarship for undergraduate students?
- No, the Embassy of Japan in Libya only accepts applications for Graduate/Research Students.

2. I am a Libyan national living outside of Libya. Can I apply for the scholarship through the Embassy of Japan in the country where I am at?
- No, applications from Libyan nationals are accepted only through the Embassy of Japan in Libya.

3. Can I take the written exams and interview online?
- No, all the applicants are required to come to an examination venue in Tripoli to have the written exams and interview. The examination venue in Tripoli will be announced only for those who pass the first screening.
4. Can the embassy help applicants to obtain VISA to Japan after passing the written exam and interview?
- No, applicants must obtain VISA to Japan at the Embassy of Japan in Tunisia, Egypt or Consulate General of Japan in Istanbul on their own. It takes five (5) working days after submission of your passport and VISA application form. Please note that all related travel and accommodation cost to/in Tunis, Cairo or Istanbul should be covered by applicants.

5. Do I have to submit my photos with the application?
- Yes, under any circumstances, submission of your photos is required. You may wear hijab.
6. Do I have to take Japanese language exam? I have never studied Japanese language.
- Yes, it is mandatory for all applicants to take both Japanese and English exams at the written exam. However, you will not be eliminated due to your Japanese language ability and your score of the Japanese exam.
7. Can I check past exams?
- Yes. Past exams are available from here:
8. I would like to bring my family to Japan. Is it possible?
- Please note that under the MEXT scholarship program, the allowance and flight ticket fare will be covered only for the scholarship students. If you wish to bring your family to Japan, the Japanese government will NOT pay for their visas, allowance, and flight ticket fares. Visa processing time and necessary documents may vary depending on each case.
For further information, please read carefully Application Guidelines for Research Students.
Should you have any further questions, please contact